Household chores are often a battleground for couples, with disagreements about when, how, and who should tackle the tasks. According to a survey, a staggering 80% of chore-doing respondents reported having disagreements about housework, with issues ranging from timing to methodology to responsibility. What’s more, a significant portion admitted to deliberately doing a poor job to avoid future chores, further straining relationships.

But what if there was a way to alleviate this tension and reclaim valuable time and energy for the things that truly matter?

Enter Cleaner Living NW, your solution to a harmonious home life and a happier relationship. Our services not only free up time in your day but also alleviate stress and cultivate a healthier dynamic between partners.

Let’s delve into the numbers:

The Chore Conundrum:

80% of Disagreements: A staggering majority of chore-doing respondents experience disagreements about housework.


Top Sources of Disagreement:

  • When to do housework (53%)
  • How to do it (50%)
  • Who should do it (48%)
  • Intentional Negligence: 67% admit to doing a poor job on purpose to avoid future chores.
  • Gender Disparity: 21% of women and 28% of men are more likely to shirk their share of chores.
  • Cleanup After Cleanup: 61% have had to reclean after their partner’s inadequate efforts.
The most common disagreements about housework

The Advantages of Hiring a House Cleaner:

What happens when you choose to outsource your housework?

  • More Time: 47% report having more time in the day.
  • More Fun: 46% find they can engage in more enjoyable activities.
  • Less Stress: 42% experience reduced stress levels.
  • Stronger Relationships: An overwhelming 62% believe outsourcing chores has improved their relationship.
67% of couples who do chores admitted that they did a poor job on purpose to get out of doing future chores.
61% of couples have recleaned after their partner did a poor job

Cleaner Living NW understands the complexities of modern relationships and the toll that household chores can take. That’s why we’re here to make your life easier and your relationship stronger. By entrusting us with your regular household cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning, you can bid farewell to excuses and reclaim precious time together.

62% of couples believe hiring a house cleaner helped their relationship

So, why let chores come between you and your loved one? Let Cleaner Living NW handle the dirty work while you focus on what truly matters – nurturing your connection and creating beautiful memories together.


Source: ‘Modern Love and Household Responsibilities’ Survey

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