Hard Water is a pervasive problem. Shower door enclosures, residential windows, commercial windows, glass table tops and more suffer the degradation caused by hard water stains.

Windows & Glass Shower enclosures damaged from hard water & chemicals can be restored back to original clarity. We have successfully removed hard water accumulation as old as 30 years. We offer this service to residential and commercial buildings. We offer free estimates!

The Benefits of Hard Water Restoration

  1. Price. There is no option available that is as cost effective as ours. Replacing windows or glass shower doors can be very expensive.
  2. Aesthetics. Hard water makes it difficult to enjoy your view.
  3. Safety. Hard water that etches in to your glass can damage the glass and make it brittle. Making it much easier for breaking.
  4. Never worry about this problem again. Once the hard water has been removed we offer a sealant option to prevent the hard water buildup in the future.


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