COVID-19 Update:

We Are Cleaning + Taking New Clients


We feel that it is important to reach out to our clients right now as schools close down and our everyday lives are beginning to change we want to provide you with some reassurance and hope to continue cleaning for you and your family.


Our staff wants to continue working and have found alternative care as needed for their children. There may be minor schedule changes since some staff availability will be changing, but we will reach out directly to any client who may be affected by those changes.


Starting Monday, March 16th, we will provide FREE “hotspot” disinfection cleaning. We will also be adding our organic Tea Tree Oil & Lavender Essential oil to all of our cleaning products, since these items are a natural antibacterial that work very well.  We plan to offer this service through the month of April. We will disinfect the following areas in your home:


• Door knobs
• Light switches/lamp switches
• Handrails
• Faucet handles
• Appliance handles
• Remotes
• Cupboard handles/drawer pulls


If for any reason you do not want us to add this FREE service to your clean, please reach out and let us know.


We also want to mention that we have no problem cleaning while people/children are home. Many clients aren’t home when we clean, but with schools closed and businesses encouraging people to work from home we understand that more clients will be home than normal and we are completely ok with that! We are more than willing to work around you and coordinate with you so that we aren’t disruptive. If you do happen to be working from home feel free to let us know where you would like us to start cleaning, if there are any areas you want us to skip, and what we should do if you are on the phone or a video call when it is time for us to vacuum.


We will not allow any team member to work when they have the flu or flu-like symptoms, a fever, or have knowingly been exposed to COVID-19. In addition, we ask the same of our clients. We request that you cancel or reschedule your appointment if you or a family member is sick or experiencing flu-like symptoms or has tested positive for the flu or COVID-19. This is very important for the health of our employees, their families and our other clients.


What are we doing to protect our employees and our clients?


• Our team will continue to wear disposable gloves throughout every clean. They will now put them on before getting their supplies out of the car and will keep them on until they put their supplies back in the car. They will also use hand sanitizer immediately after removing their gloves.
• We already send our team members to clean solo, with an occasional second team member to help with bigger jobs. Because of this our staff are only in 1-2 homes each day. This reduces exposure and minimizes risk for everyone.
• We will continue sanitizing all towels and mop pads after every use. We will also continue to keep used towels and mop pads in a small trash bag in our cleaning buckets to keep them contained and away from other supplies. Clean towels and mop pads are always stored in a separate tote bag away from other supplies.
• Our staff have always been provided masks that they can choose to wear while cleaning. They may choose to wear them as they feel needed, but please understand that this does not mean they are sick. We will not send a sick  staff member to clean your home. We will also not continue purchasing masks at this time since we feel that it is far more important that they remain available for use in healthcare settings.


We encourage you to call us at 541-668-0659, or email us at  if you have any questions or concerns. We are so thankful for our clients and hope that we can ride this out together.

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