If someone asked you what the dirtiest thing in your house was, you’d say your toilet, right? Wrong. It seems like that’s the obvious choice, but take a look at this list for all the things in your house that should be cleaned more often.


Think about it – it goes everywhere with you. Your kids grab it, you may take it into the bathroom to listen to music or podcasts. You touch your phone hundreds of times a day. Research has shown phones have ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Time to start cleaning that screen, wipe it down with Nurturals Kit & Kaboodle all purpose cleaner.


The food, dirt, and grime that soaks into a kitchen sponge is insane, 10 million bacteria per square inch! Believe it or not, that’s 200,000 times more germs than a toilet seat.


The kitchen sink is not quite as bad as the sponge, but still not great. Your sink could have the second-highest concentration of bacteria in your home! Sanitize it once or twice a week to keep those germs at bay. Nurturals Piece of Cake non-toxic kitchen cleaner will make grease, grime, soap scum and bacteria vanish.


Something that you also handle fairly regularly is your remote controls. Think about it though, when is the last time you cleaned them? Give them a good wipe down with a microfiber cloth and Nurturals Kit & Kaboodle all purpose cleaner.


Collecting all the liquid from after you brush your teeth, the toothbrush holder is actually the third most germ covered place in the home! Clean it once a week with Nurturals Kit & Kaboodle all purpose cleaner to keep the bacteria to a minimum.


I’m sure you give the cutting board a general wash after using it but after you cut raw meat, make sure you give it a really good scrub. It’s said that there are 200 times more fecal bacteria on your cutting board than your toilet seat! Yikes! Grab Nurturals Piece of Cake non-toxic kitchen cleaner to safely and naturally wipe out the bacteria and germs.


If you aren’t washing your hands regularly, everything you touch is getting transferred onto those keys. Time to put Nurturals Lavender Tea Tree Botanical Hand Cleanser on your desk to take a botanical punch anytime to germs.


Can you remember the last time that you washed them? They’re the fourth germiest item in your home – give em a good scrub and keep those pets healthy! Clean them once a week Nurturals Kit & Kaboodle all purpose cleaner, it’s safe for pets.


Yes it cleans everything IN IT, but then some of that stays in the drum and transfers to your next load of laundry! Add a few pumps of Nurtural Concentrate to the washing machine and run a cycle to give the washing machine a good clean.


It’s something you use everyday, and you probably clean the pot but what about the basket where the coffee brews? It’s a prime dark and damp location for bacteria to thrive. To clean your coffee machine mix equal parts vinegar and water, then brew. After it’s finished, brew again with just clean water to rinse remaining vinegar mixture away.


You touch these to wash your hands with dirty hands and then touch them again once your hands are clean. Kitchen and bathroom faucet handles contain the sixth highest amounts of bacteria in your home. Time to start cleaning those faucet handles more often, keep a bottle of Nurturals Kit & Kaboodle all purpose cleaner to get this job done.

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